Cottages in Terchová - Are you looking for accommodation in Terchová – the valley of Vrátna? Enjoy your private holiday in the beautiful natural surroundings.
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Cottage in a hamlet
This cottage is set to one of the most romantic places in Terchová (a part called Struháreň u Martvoňov).

nova-chalupaNew cottage below the peak of Rozsutec
Despite its location high in the mountains just in a settlement below the peak of Rozsutec.

Cottage Zuzana
The cottage is located directly in the centre of the Malá Fatra Mountains.

Cottage in the style of our grandmothers
If you wish to go a few generations back and to try living the way our grandparents lived.

Cottage Jánošík
Cottage Jánošík enjoying a suitable position just in the centre of Terchová.

COTTAGES IN TERCHOVÁ - enjoy accommodation in privacy on your own

The municipality of Terchová has reached its fame due to its legendary hero Juraj Jánošík and due to the typical music style of Terchová. Catch your chance to relax and enjoy the irresistible local atmosphere, charming beauties of the adjacent mountains of the Malá Fatra, virgin nature in the valley of Vrátna. Don´t hesitate and visit our cottages in the area of Terchová – valley of Vrátna. DISCOUNT
Romantic pack
Two nights in Chalupa na Samote - a romantic cottage in a hamlet. A welcome pack - drink, sweet surprise and a present are included, private sauna in the hotel GAVURKY is at your disposal.
Price: 129 Eur/2 persons
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more info
kolibaRestaurant Jánošíkova koliba
A cosy stylish restaurant Jánošíkova koliba in Terchová offering the culinary specialities of the region will please you with its comfortable setting giving you a chance to relax and to spend the most agreeable time in the valley of Vrátna.